Pool & Spa Inspection Services Salem, Alabama

Alabama/ Georgia Home Inspectors


The Home Inspection Squad inspector(s) will evaluate all structural and system components of the house from bottom to top, from the foundation to the roof.  Our comprehensive inspections will ensure you know what to look out for when buying the new home

I. The inspector shall inspect from ground level:

  • the plumbing;
  • the filters;
  • the lights;
  • any adjoining structure as it relates to the pool or spa;
  • the valves;
  • the solar heating system;
  • the pumps and motors;
  • the electrical system;
  • the filtration system;
  • the pool heater; and the safety barriers.


II. The inspector shall describe:

  • the type of swimming pool or spa;
  • details impacting the inspector’s ability to inspect the unit, including water clarity;
  • the condition of visible components or systems present in the unit;
  • the type of drain installed;
  • any readily accessible component with functional or material defects;
  • the type of filtration system; and the types of safety barriers.

III. The inspector shall report as in need of correction:

  • observed indications of active pool or spa shell leaks;
  • damaged water line tiles;
  • damaged or faulty drain covers, pumps; heaters or filter housings;
  • inadequate drainage;
  • improper settlement of pool deck; and any visibly unsafe or improper pool equipment, electrical connections, or bonding connections.

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